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About us

GuangZhou ChuanDao Food Co.,Ltd is specialized in China and western food's research, production and sales. Company have abundant economic strenght,

first-class production equipments, professional research team, and have three famous brand names as :"Huirulou",,"chuandao","guangdemao".It is worth mentioning that "Huirulou" have more than 130 years of history, We are honesty to benefit customers as old friends and our own relatives and as our own service concept, It is the time-honored moon cake brand in Guangzhou,China. "Chuandao" was established in 2015,which main business in types of high-end bakery products, "Guangdemao" is to provide DIY fillings with low sugar for customer.

Director-Mr.Zhoufamao is one of the first draftman in occupation standard <<moon cake fillings>>, main edit person to revising <<General technical standard for moon cake and pastry>> , who is a famous industry leader. and adhere to the national food quality and safety norms, combining traditional crafts and modern technology, committed to creating a healthy brand enterprise that makes customers satisfied and relieved.

Guangzhou Chuandao Food Co.,ltd is a professional moon cake fillings (especially the
traditional Lotus fillings) R & D manufacturing and Offer OEM moon cake service's company.
There have a factory covering an area of 20 mu in Guangzhou suburbs, and made huge
investments to build OEM workshop in 2009, All use of automation equipment,introduction of
a full set of the most advanced moon cake automated production line(The first Swiss SVEBA
DAHEN tunnel furnace in China baking industry),we make efforts to create China's most
professional moon cake on behalf of the processing base. In 2012, we have made
comprehensive upgraded for the workshop so that it reached the most advanced working
enviroment in China, all use of stainless steel automated assembly line production
equipment, and product packaging using hot-filled automatic packaging technology, can more
effectively prevent cross-infection, providing a guarantee for product safety.

Guangzhou Chuandao Food Co.,ltd has more than 30 professional and technical personnel, but
also with the renowned Chinese and American baking technology center and South China
University of Technology have good relations of cooperation, food testing and new product
development has been their strong support so that the products often award-winning. Company took the lead in the industry to pass the QS certification, ISO22000(EC-01) food safety
management system certification, moon cake health exports certification.More worth
mentioning is that the company is one of the main drafting units of the national "fillings standard",

"moon cake standards" and "moon cake packaging standards," and is also a member of China Food Industry Association.

Company keeps habits on studying traditional pure lotus pastry as own responsibility .

Through a lot of investigations and visits from consumers and moon cake manufacturer,

we continue to explore and improvement the pure lotus,so that it not only retains the
fragrance of traditional lotu's delicacy,but also the entrance that is sweet, but not
greasy taste,which is fashionable.A series of new healthy green varieties developed in
recent years,more traditional culture into the modern life,and let our consumers better to
enjoy the delicious moon cake,which called as "quintessence" food.

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