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About brand

The DIY leadership brand

Provide small packages of stuffing to direct consumers

Guangdemao Red Bean Stuffing

Selected Fresh red beans

Picking the whole plant in Autumn,then dried by the sun, lay the seeds ,and impurity removal , dried again.The content of lysine for red bean protein is higher , so it suitable for mixing with cereals into bean rice or bean porridge edible,generally made of red bean paste or cake ingredients.Famous LIZHIZHEN called the red bean is the “valleys of the heart ”, there are many benefits to the human body.

Boil fresh red beans ,ooking beans, peeling, grinding, water, sugar, fried and other processes, to make delicious taste of red bean sand.

Guangdemao smooth red bean paste

?Sweet but not greasy,low sugar and less oil

?Using the washing process

?No food additives, healthy and delicious

Four kinds of baked stuffing

?Selected xiangtan lotus seed,low sugar and less oil, healthy and tasty.

?Restore purple sweet potato flavor, healthy and delicious.

?Use 100% pure pineapple pulp,original acidity,sweet and not greasy.

?Sandy taste,Rich milk fragrant.

Century old brand

Huirulou ,a famous time-honored brand,established in 1897,which more than 100 years of history. And it located at Zhongshan 5 road,Guangzhou city.It is one of the historic Teahouse in Guangzhou, and famous with traditional Cantonese cuisine, delicious dim sum and cake.And it very popular with the older generation as well as the young people.

In Mid-Autumn Festival , also known as the Moon Festival, is a popular harvest festival celebrated by Chinese people.Huirulou moon cake with good materials and exquisite production craftsmanships,that’s why it very popular with consumers.And it also enjoy a high reputation between parasite and food industry.

The lucky thing is that the long-standing taste can be inherit.

A hundred years later, Guangzhou Chuandao Food Co.,Ltd accepting and inheriting tradition food culture, take Huirulou right to operate.

After long time preparation, ,Hurulou imported advanced baking equipments and technology from abroad, inheriting traditional style, and use the older generation staff’s formula and craftmanship,so people also can enjoy the original taste.

Brand introduction

Chuandao brand was established in 2014, which belonged to Guangzhou chuandao Food co.,ltd, The main business is pre-packaged food’s wholesale and retail.

Spread healthy ways of using nutritious foods

We are persistent to food healthy,even if we were young.

Chuandao was established in 2014

It seems it is a young brand

But we have been over 30 years of OEM works.

On various level of food quality,many company add a variety of artificial additives in food in order to reduce cost.

We are profoundly aware of the health risks posed by  food safety problems.

That’s why we created our own brand - Chuandao.

We have never give up the persistence for the food health and safety.


We believe,

Only good food material can make the best food.

Famous master introduction


Referee of the National Baking Competition

Chinese top ten baking master

Chinese top ten moon cake master

one of the Guangdong Provincial Skill Appraisal Experts Group Leader

Food safety

We refuse to add pigment essence to reduce costs

Production base

We have a production transparency factory,which have a strong influence in the food industry.

Star items

Chia seed cookie

Pineapple cakes

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